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Five Quality Ways to End Your Reception

Planning a grand finale for your wedding reception fulfills a number of functions. It can signal to guests that the bride and groom want to leave, it can signal to guests that the party is wrapping up, or it can signal the start of a new phase of the festivities. Whatever the strategy for the end of your special day, top it off with something that’s spectacular and meaningful.

Here are 5 classy ways to say goodnight:

1. Leave a very special performance – by the wedding party, special guest, or a paid performer – for last. Knowing it is on the schedule will have encouraged guests to stick around, but a finale can also mark the end of formal festivities. From here it won’t be such a stretch to turn down the music, announce the last call, or do any of those things that gently remind folks they can’t stay all night.

2. Screen a same-day edit of the ceremony (this will be especially appreciated for those attending the reception only). You’ll need a fast editor but showing it on the big screen with color commentary by the best man, or musical intros and outros by the DJ can turn it into a multimedia event to remember.

3. Serve late-night snacks, or an early breakfast, an hour or two before you want to send guests home – or use this as a carrot to re-locate them to a smaller and quieter suite or room. Eating will take the edge off the exuberance and, with any luck, calm everyone down.

4. Fireworks are the classic gesture for topping off a special night. Splash out for a pro, and you’ll leave them wanting more – but understanding that the wedding is over.

5. Leave the reception in a classic car – head off to the honeymoon in a shower of rice and confetti, toss the bouquet, and jet into the night in a top-down vintage Corvette or sleek luxury car. The departure of the bride and groom is a natural punctuation point to the festivities; ramp it up or wrap it up, as you prefer.

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